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Drop me a line.

phone: (510) 394-5433
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Interactive Design
Motion Graphics
Imaging Work
Personal Work

Drop me a line.

phone: (510) 394-5433
Download my resume.


My (Fibonacci) Portfolio

Built in Flash, I did a lot of little experiments that found their way into this portfolio site.

Verus Productions

A friend commissioned me to make their video production company website in Flash.

Typography At A Glance

This project was nominated for an Award in the Interactive Category of the 2006 Spring Show at the Academy of Art University.

Nojima Family

A little personal project I made for my family. I had a lot of fun creating the family tree and photo albums. Sadly, it's fallen into disuse.

Our Tree of Life

Based on the work of Yugo Nakamura, I created a graphical message board where people can come and drop their pearls of wisdom.

Paul Nojima

The online portfolio I made for myself as a student, which landed me a job before I even graduated.

Robert Rigel

Perhaps one of the more flattering jobs I've done, an instructor at the Academy of Art University, Bob Rigel, hired me to create his online portfolio.

The Staind Sampler

As a class project, I was required to make a flash audio player, so I created a mini-site dedicated to my favorite band, Staind.

The i'm Initiative

I did a lot of work on this... This is a compilation of just the imaging I've done for it.

Interactive work includes sites I’ve done,
both professional and student work.


Motion work includes banners and
landing page animation done in Flash.


Imaging work done in Photoshop, including
photo manipulation and photography.


This is stuff I did just because I could, my arts & crafts
if you will. My inner-child is adult-sized.


Paul Nojima Logo

Drop me a line.

phone: (925) 366-4586
Download my resume.